Sayville Library
Sayville Library
88 Greene Ave. Sayville, NY 11782 • (631) 589-4440
Sayville Library
88 Greene Ave. Sayville, NY 11782 • (631) 589-4440
88 Greene Ave. • (631) 589-4440
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Friday, Nov 16, 2018
10am to 9pm
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3D Printing Service.
Sayville Library is excited to introduce our brand new 3D printing service! We are looking for people to get inspired, be creative, and bring in their designs to see them come to life. Our 3D printers will be fully available for printing your own 3D designs. The 3D Printers are located in the computer lab in Adult Services, on the top floor. Stop by to try it out or see a demonstration of it in use.
Makerbot Replicator
How does this service work?

Printing submissions can be made through the form above or submitted in person via storage device (USB flash drives, etc). All files must be in either .stl, .obj or .thing format. The printer uses PLA (PolyLactic Acid) filament and comes in a variety of colors. All submissions will be added to a printing queue and you will be notified by a library staff member when your project is ready for pick up. Please be aware that wait times can vary on any given day. The Library reserves the right to deny any submissions that may violate our 3D Printing Policy.

The cost of printing is $1.00 per hour or $0.25 per 15 minutes. Patrons who do not pick up their finished projects within one week will have the cost charged to their library account. Please note that larger print jobs will take longer and will cost more to print.

The Makerbot Replicator+ printer has a maximum build volume of 11.6 X 7.6 X 6.5 in.

The Lulzbot Taz 6 printer has a maximum build volume of 11 x 11 x 9.8 in.

Designing Your Project

For designing your projects we recommend using:

Also, be sure to check out for some 3D printing design course:

If you are not sure about what you want to print, you can look for objects to print out on these sites:


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