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BROWN'S CANAL/CREEK/RIVER   (Originally known as Edward's Creek, it was later renamed Brown's after William Brown, an early Bayport settler who purchased his farmland, stretching from Middle Road to the Bay, from the Nicoll Estate.)



Creek & meadows from Middle Road, July 1,1908




Nicks Clam Bar, just below Middle Road, 1947




Looking toward Meadowcroft, mailed Aug 19,1913




Future Town Dock, postmarked August 20, 1915




 Stein ferries at River Street Town Dock, 1949




Ferries gone, Town Dock, late 1950s

Images: Top row left, all second row, bottom row right from collection of Sayville Library; 
top right & bottom right, courtesy of Tony Brinkmann; bottom left, courtesy of Stein Family Archives





Bayport docking, reached by rowboat; mailed 1942



Bayport docks, now reached by road, about 1965



Captain Mark L'Hommedieu's boatworks, 1939



 Looking north to Captain Mark's & beyond, 1930s



Fish nets on racks



Day's end on River



 Nelson H. Sweezey's Boatyard, August 1915





Possibly, G.L. Myers shipyard, Bayport, early 1900s



Images:  Top row left & all rows right, collection of Sayville Library; 2nd row left, collection of Webb N. Morrison;
3rd left, courtesy of West Sayville Boat Basin;4th left, Suffolk County News



Probably Skinner & Herring Oysters, early 1900s



Mouth of Creek, Brown's Point right, early 1900s



Gerry's Boat Yard, acquired by Doug Westin in 1951



 Lands End, leaving Brown's River, about 1950



Lands End Restaurant & Marina, 1960


Images: Top row & bottom left, collection of Sayville Library; middle row, courtesy of Debra Westin Rogers;
bottom right, courtesy of Land's End



SAYVILLE SHOREFRONT (Brown's River to Green's Creek)



 SVIS sponsored installation of beacon, about 1920



Lewis Bluepoint Oyster Company, 1907



Sayville Yacht Club, replacing oysters, about 1923



Glen Willows Condos (old Yacht Club), about 1980



Sayville Public Beach, gift of SVIS, 1925



Willow Pavilion, foot of Foster Avenue, 1913



Sykes Beach, successor to Willow, about 1925



Sykes Beach, about 1925



Sykes to Public Beach from Shoreham Dock, early 1940s



Fore 'Aft & old Yacht Club, early 1950s


 Images: Top & 2nd rows, 3rd & 4th right, collection of Sayville Library;3rd left, courtesy of Sayville Village Improvement Association;
4th left, courtesy of Tony Brinkmann;5th left, courtesy of Tom Travis, author of Sayville's Wet Pants;
5th right, courtesy of Frank McAlonan



Tidewater Inn (Foster Ave) & Paul Groh, center, 1929



Wet Pants Race Day, Shoreham, about 1937



Willow Pavilion, looking toward Candee Ave and  South Bay House, postmarked May 7, 1909



Edwards Ave breakwater of cedar boughs woven through cedar stakes to prevent beach erosion



1915 Gould, Krafft & Keater Homes (2014 photo)



South Bay House, foot of Candee Ave, about 1910



Rogers' Boatyard, Shoreham Restaurant, 1903



Shoreham & South Bay House, mailed Aug 16, 1912



Images: Top row left, courtesy of Peter W. Leis; right, from Tom Travis: Sayville's Wet Pants Sailing Association 1934-1940; 2nd row, 3rd left & 4th right, collection of Sayville Library; 3rd right, courtesy of Neil Spare, Jr;4th left, from Dowling College Library Special Collection



Golf Club left/Frank Hayward Estate rt, July 1, 1908



Sayville Golf & Country Club, early 1920s



Shorefront from roof of Cedarshore Hotel, Green Ave to the Breakwater,
1937 (486 Green Avenue, lower right)



Rear of Cedarshore Casino, beach at Green Ave, 1915



Cedarshore Hotel & Casino, 1927



One of Jones' bathhouses and  Estate ( Handsome Avenue to Green's Creek) , about 1915


Images: Top row, 3rd row left & bottom row from collection of Sayville Library; 2nd row from collection of Webb N. Morrison;
3rd right, courtesy of Edwards & Company



GREEN'S CREEK, West Sayville


Passes below Montauk Highway, 1930s

"Jones River"(east branch), now Sunset Lake; mailed Sept 4, 1920

Sunset junction with Creek & VanVranken Yacht &
West Sayville in background, 1930s

Oysterman aboard boat, Frank Jones estate across creek in
Sayville in background

Stein Ferry to Water Island, postmarked August 1908

Oysterman on docks

Suffolk County News, June 25, 1920

Jelle Dykstra's Boat Yard, about 1910

"Spike" Lambdin, other, Sam Jorgensen at Lambdin 
(ex-Dykstra) Boat Yard, 1935-1936

Images: Top row & 2nd left, courtesy of Elizabeth C. Whitehouse; 2nd row right & bottom left, courtesy of West Sayville Boat Basin;
3rd row, collection of the Sayville Library; bottom row right, anonymous



 Sam Jorgensen in his (ex-Lambdin's) yard, 1948



Party Boat on railways at Jorgensen's, 1950



Pond-fishing boat (trawler) built by Jorgensen
(Van Vranken home & Jones Estate background)



Lightner's Yard #2 (ex- Henry Otto #2), across Clyde Street from Bluepoints, 1930



Merolla's Ship Yard  (d/b/a Lightner's), 1958



Lightner's Yard, 1958 (burned, February 1970)



Townsend Seafood replaced Lightners,
1992, went bankrupt later




Mouth of Green's Creek, .returning home,
ones Estate in background; circa 1940s

Images: Top row & 2nd row left from private collection;2nd & 4th row rights, courtesy of West Sayville Boat Basin;
3rd row courtesy of Marty Merolla; 4th row left courtesy of Loretta Stump



WEST SAYVILLE SHORE FRONT (Green's Creek to Oakdale Line)



Green's Harbor, dredged in the meadows, 1896



West Basin, opened 1902, damaged 1905



West Harbor, fishing sloops & oyster houses, about 1905



 Naval Station, foot of West Ave, 1918;
original Gil Smith sailboat with gun



Loading oysters, foot of Atlantic Avenue, 1909



East Basin, 1914; note new Cedarshore Casino (right)


Jacob Ockers, independently, bought & built East Basin, home of Blue Points from 1912



West and East Basins, separated by West Sayville Beach (with small pavilion), 1950s



West Basin, foot of West Avenue, 1982;
Town of Islip built outer basin for private vessels in 1932



East Basin, foot of Atlantic Avenue, 1982;
Blue Points buildings maroon in center


Images: Top row left, Sayville Chamber of Commerce; all others, courtesy of West Sayville Boat Basin




West Avenue Fishing/Parking Pier (2014 photo)



Bayman's Cottage at Long Island Maritime Museum



Rudolph Oyster House & Frank Penney Boat Shop
at Long Island Maritime Museum



Priscilla, built 1888, restored and Museum flagship



LIMM  Campus: Penney Boat Shop, Main Building and Bayman's Cottage (left to right)



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