Summer Recreation



Suffolk County News, July 28, 1911








Sailing, always popular on the Great South Bay;

postmarked December 14, 1905




Sunset on the Great South Bay;

postmarked July 28, 1907




Sailboats off Candee Avenue , Shoreham & South Bay House; postmarked August 16, 1912




Boats laying off of Cedarshore, 1928;

before WWII, sailboats were dominant in area







Cruising for the day or - by the 1920s & 1930s - for perhaps as long as a week were popular




The Skol belonged to G.Elliott Morrison, owner & manager of the Cedarshore; it slept four comfortably




Power boats at the Fore 'n Aft;  1950s;

 former home of the Sayville Yacht Club, right





There were power boats of all sizes,
 yachts up to 100 feet long




In season, duck shooting from boats or

blinds  was enjoyed by some



Images:Rows 1, 2,3 right, 4 left, and 5 all from collection of  Sayville Library;3 left from Dowling College Special Library Collection; 4 right courtesy of Frank McAlonan





Fishing from boat or piers was also a favored sport,

if not a business




Large sailboat racing had been popular with the

Southside /Sayville Yacht Club for many years




The advent of the Wet Pants in 1935 expanded

racing to smaller, mixed varieties of crafts




Above, a regatta of the Wet Pants own Diaper Class

(18' 7" overall) in the 1940s.




G.A. Morrison canoeing off Frank Jones Estate, 1927





Some boats could be launched at foot of Handsome Avenue ( & other streets), 1920s & 1930s



Images:top row left from Treasures of 1927, Bay Shore Library; top right and middle left, from Todd Travis: Sayville's Wet Pants Association 1934-1940; middle right & bottom roe, collection of Sayville Library





Sayville bathing costumes, 1908




Nets at Cedarshore Club protected the beach from seaweed and bathers from jellyfish; about 1918




Sykes Beach, about 1925




Early waterskiing off Sayville in the 1930s




Cedarshore guests could take sightseeing tours over the Bay from end of Handsome Avenue, 1930




Takeoff  for the tour; bathhouse on neighboring Jones estate in background (above tail)




Images: All from collection of Sayville Library except middle left, courtesy of Tony Brinkmann








Stein's first , Mildred H., 1894




Stein's converted (motorized) sloop, Dare, 1921

(Note "Ferry" sign on top)




Competition leaving Candee Avenue pier,

July 1934




Stein's Wayfarer II, 1938




South Bay Clipper, capacity 412 passengers, August 1996


Images: Top row, courtesy of Long Island Maritime Museum;middle row left, courtesy of West Sayville Boat Basin;
right, courtesy of Stein Family Archives; bottom row, Suffolk County News




Oystering and Fishing




An oyster fleet, about 1900




"Chumming" (scattering bait on water) &
clamming on Bay, undated




Hauling the dredge in




A good spot for tonging




Returning to port




Fishing boats; Bluepoints Company  in the background




Hydraulic escalator oyster dredge

(dredges were outlawed by TOI in 1958)




Great whale shark (largest fish in sea) caught by Arie Schaper off Fire Island, August 9, 1935



Images: Top row left & 3rd row right, collection of Sayville Library; all other in rows 1-3 courtesy of West Sayville Boat Basin;
bottom row, left, courtesy of Tony Brinkmann; bottom row right, courtesy of West Sayville Boat Basin



Winter Recreation




Shoreham, South Bay House & snow, foot of Candee Avenue; postmarked March 18, 1908




Dorothy & Jeanett Morrison skating on

Cedarshore ice, late 1920s 




Scooter race on the Bay, October 1, 1906




Scootering off Cedarshore




Scooter Regatta off Sayville;

postmarked February 2, 1912







Images: All from collection of Sayville Library except last, courtesy off Chris Bodkin


Oystering and Fishing




Cutting ice for the fishing area, early 1900s




Oystering with dredge, early 1900s




Oystering with tongs, early 1900s




Bluepoints in winter



Images: Top row left, courtesy of Tony Brinkmann; all others courtesy of West Sayville Boat Basin



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