Sayville Library
Sayville Library
88 Greene Ave. Sayville, NY 11782 • (631) 589-4440
Sayville Library
88 Greene Ave. Sayville, NY 11782 • (631) 589-4440
88 Greene Ave. • (631) 589-4440
— Library Hours —
Saturday, Sep 26, 2020
9:30am to 5pm
We are open.
PLEASE NOTE: All returned items will be quarantined for 1 week before being checked in. Thank you for your understanding.
Discount Tickets Through Your Library
Sayville Library offers great discounted tickets for a variety of entertaining venues all over Long Island! For more information, please call the Circulation Desk, 631-589-4440.

We recently became aware that an unauthorized third party breached a database that included some of your learning data, such as contact information and courses viewed. We are informing you of this issue out of an abundance of caution.

Please know that we have no evidence that this data included your password. And while we have no evidence that your specific account was accessed or that any data has been made publicly available, we wanted to notify you as a precautionary measure.

If you have questions, we encourage you to contact us through our Support Center.

The team

Long Island Aquarium Long Island Aquarium discounted tickets are sold at our Circulation Desk. Aquarium tickets include the Butterfly, Bugs & Birds exhibit. Tickets are valid throughout the year and do not expire. *Limit of five (5) tickets per family.

Cash/Check: $20.00
Credit: $20.50

*Sayville Library shall have no liability whatsoever beyond selling the tickets and shall be indemnified from any claims by those participating in the venue ticket program.