Native Planting and Pollinator Garden

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Sayville Library has taken an exciting leap forward in creating a space on our grounds dedicated to pollinator friendly plants and native plants of our region.  We have converted a section of our lawn for several reasons:

  • Showing our commitment to educating our community on the benefits of native plants and pollinators for the environment.
  • Fulfilling our commitment to the Sustainable Libraries Initiative.  
  • And adding more beauty to our landscaped grounds!



Why Is This So Important?


Native plants are important to our environment because they provide something that grass lawns (which are mostly not native to our area) cannot: nectar, pollen, and seeds that serve as food for native butterflies, insects, birds and other animals.  Sayville Library is committed to avoiding the use of pesticides and herbicides.  Which is another benefit of native plantings, they do not need herbicides or pesticides to survive. 

The Library has also committed to using less water in its landscaping.  Native plants require less water as they are adapted to grow in our climate, needing less water and being more adaptable to drought conditions.  In addition to their beauty, native plants and pollinator plants promote biodiversity in the area, reducing the monoculture of lawns, which can be disruptive to insects, birds and other animals.




Curious about what plants are in our native plant and pollinator garden?  Here’s our full list of plants:


Many Thanks to These Donors!

This garden would not be possible without the generous donations from the following organizations, Rotary Club of Sayville, The Sayville Garden Club, Friends of the Sayville Library
donors Rotary Club of Sayville Long Island, The Sayville Garden Club, Friends of Sayville Library
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The Sayville Library Native Plant & Pollinator Garden was installed by Bayport Flower Houses.