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Sayville Library's Sustainability Initiative

Sayville Library and its Board of Trustees will support principles that ensure a resilient, sustainable community and library for all its residents. The Library understands what measures we have taken so far are only a first step in a larger sustainability initiative that is underway in many libraries throughout New York State, as well as nation-wide.  We are now committed to a “triple bottom line” definition of sustainability: environmentally sound, economically feasible, and socially equitable.

Through a wide range of actions, both large and small, the Library will show its commitment to our sustainability goals.  You can check here to follow along on our sustainability journey and see all the different actions we have taken toward this goal.  

Our Sustainability Policy can be found HERE.


Upcoming Events

This event is in the "Teens" group.
Library Branch: Sayville Library
Room: Teen Central
Age Group: Teens
Program Type: Community Outreach, Community Service, Sustainability
Registration Required
Seats Remaining: 16
Event Details:
Grades 6-12 In-person Join Miss Nicole for a summer cleanup outside the Library building. We will meet in Teen Central first to get all our supplies.  ...
This event is in the "Children" group.
This event is in the "School Age" group.
This event is in the "Tween" group.
Library Branch: Sayville Library
Room: Children's Activities Room
Age Group: Children, School Age, Tween
Program Type: STEAM, Sustainability
Registration Required
Seats Remaining: 20
Event Details:
In-Person • Entering Grades 2-5 (No Younger Siblings) • FOR SAYVILLE LIBRARY CARDHOLDERS Become a beetle detective! Help stop the Asian long-horned beetle (ALB)! Learn what this invasive insect looks like and what kinds of damage it can ...
sayville library trex recycling challenge

NexTrex Recycling Challenge

The Sayville Library invites you to take the  NexTrex Recycling Challenge with us! Look for our Trex Recycling bin in the lobby, the Adult floor, and the Children's floor and recycle your soft plastics. Make sure they are clean, dry and food residue free.
If we collect over 500 lbs. of plastics we can win a Trex bench made from recycled plastics! List of eligible plastics to recycle:


  • Grocery bags
  • Bread bags
  • Bubble wrap
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Newspaper sleeves
  • Ice bags
  • Plastic shipping envelopes
  • Ziplock and other resealable food bags
  • Cereal bags
  • Case overwraps
  • Salt bags
  • Plastic wrap / stretch film
  • Wood pallet bags
  • Produce bags

Environmentally Sound

  • Solar Panels: to date we have saved well over 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and are approaching an energy savings of 1 million kilowatt hours. 
  • LED lighting: throughout the building, every light fixture has been changed to LED bulbs, reducing our carbon footprint. 
  • Water bottle refill stations: saving over 13,000 plastic water bottles being used.  
  • Geothermal heat pump system for heating and cooling: not a drop of oil or gas has ever been used. 
  •  Environmentally friendly landscaping:  We use only organic treatments and naturally disease and pest resistant species.
environmentally sound
economically sound

Economic Feasibility

  • The Library received PSEG and NYS grants for our LED lighting project, as well as using our existing maintenance funds, so we were able to reduce our electricity bill with no additional cost to the taxpayers.
  • The Library offers financial education programs throughout the year. 
  • An internal audit of the Library's finances is performed annually

Socially Equitable

  • Community garden, growing produce to share with our local food pantry and our Little Free Food Pantry.
  • Free mobile wifi hotspots on loan.
  • Little Free Food Pantry  and Little Free Pet Food Pantry.
  • Offering specialized programs for people with different abilities.
socially equitable

Tools to Help Your Own Sustainability Efforts!