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Resources for college admission success! Access to a live guidance councilor, expert review for admissions essays, application resources, financial aid resources and admission interview resources.

Career Online High School offers Suffolk residents age 19+ the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and career certification online!

Niche Academy offers a large selection of tutorial videos covering a wide variety of online tools, databases and apps. 

These video tutorials will make it easy to learn about all the online databases and apps the library has to offer!

Offers fun and personalized language-learning courses in 163 languages.

Pronunciator is the world’s largest language-learning service. With Pronunciator, you have access to courses for over 80 languages, spoken by 95% of the world’s population. And if your native tongue isn’t English, don’t worry! You can choose any one of 50 languages to take your courses in.

Access to live tutors in math, science, reading/writing, social studies, PSAT/SAT, ACT, AP and state standardized tests. Also includes a 24-hour online writing lab and Homework Question Center.


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