Renew Your Library Card

Already have a Sayville Library card?

If yes, please fill out the form below to request your be renewed.  Renewals generally take up to 24 hours (excluding weekends) to be processed.  We will notify you when your card renewal has been processed or if there are any outstanding issues with your account.  If you are in need of a new physical card, the library can mail it to you. 

Uploading proof of address is necessary to have your card renewed.  If you are unable to upload proof of address, please visit the library's Circulation department to request a renewal in-person. 

Sayville library card

Acceptable forms of ID and Proof of Address

As a resident of Sayville School District, in order to receive a Sayville Library card you will need a current, valid photo ID and proof of address. A listing of acceptable forms of identification are as follows:

Photo ID:

  • A valid NYS driver's license*
  • A DMV photo ID*
  • A current Town of Islip ID card
  • A passport
  • A college or university ID (for students)

Renewal Form:

Home Address:
Proof of Address:
  • A utility bill, dated within 30 days, showing residence within the Sayville School District boundaries
  • A copy of a lease agreement, mortgage or tax bill showing residence within the Sayville School District boundaries

*Starred items that include an address within the Sayville School District boundaries can be used as both photo ID and proof of address.

Please upload a photo of your proof of ID below.
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100 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.
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  • I agree to abide by all library policies.
  • I assume responsibility for all use of this card, including any damages, losses, or fines charged against it.
  • I agree to receive correspondence via email from the Sayville Library.