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Please note that when you return Library items they will be quarantined for one week BEFORE being checked in.  Masks must be worn by all patrons, visitors and staff at ALL TIMES while on Library property.  Thank you for your understanding.

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About Local History at Sayville Library

The Sayville Library Long Island Collection is home to over 2300 items which are cataloged and searchable through the online catalog. Additional items of historic value are housed in our archives and available to see upon request and the Library regularly creates displays using items from the collection. We also have several digital collections, including local newspapers, postcards, and oral histories, which are available online for immediate access.

The mission of our special collection is to preserve items of significance to our unique location on Long Island.  We look for records, photographs or memorabilia that help us reconstruct the past and foster an accurate description of what life was like for our predecessors. Please see our brochure for more information on donating to our special collection.

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Listen to Sayville residents talk about the history of Sayville and what it was like growing up and living in Sayville over the years.

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Sayville is home to the following local history groups that can provide additional information and resources: