Challenge Your Shelf

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Interested in reading new things this year?

Join other readers in Challenge Your Shelf, a reading challenge to help diversify, expand, and introduce new genres to your reading habits. Read 25 books by December 31st by following our prompts and turn in your log to win a prize!

Stop by the Adult Services desk starting January 1st to sign up and get a list of the prompts and a reading log to record your books or check our website to get started.

How it works:

Read one book for 25 of the 30 prompts and earn a prize. You should have 5 prompts leftover. Use the reading log to record the titles and authors of the books you’ve read. Turn in your log at the Adult Services desk by the end of the year to earn a prize.

One prompt per book. Audiobooks and ebooks can be used for all of the prompts.

If you are stuck on a prompt, ask a librarian for recommendations!


Challenge Your Shelf Sign Up Form


1.A book about friendship

2. A how-to book

3. A book written under a pseudonym or anonymously

4. A picture book

5. A book recommended by a public figure

6. A book set somewhere you’d like to visit

7. A Hugo Award winner/nominee

8. A book including or about a natural disaster

9. A book with recipes

10. A book about your profession or one you’d like to have

11. A play

12. A book about history you lived through

13. A book with a nonhuman protagonist

14. A doorstopper (500+ pages)

15. A book you want to read based only on the cover

16. A book with a happily ever after

17. A book about visual art, fashion, or design

19. A banned or challenged book

18. A book by or about someone who is neurodiverse

20. A self-help or popular psychology book

21. A humorous memoir

22. A short story

23. A dark academia book

24. A book that’s been on your TBR too long

25. A book recommended by library staff

26. A book by an author with your first, middle, or last name

27. A retelling of another story

28. A book about someone with a super power

29. A book about gender identity

30. A Wildcard