Hybrid & Electric Vehicles by L.E. Carmichael

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles by L.E. Carmichael tells the history of cars that do not use the traditional source of power (gasoline). Today, these types of cars are advertised as more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient, but Carmichael goes beyond these claims to present a relatively unbiased view of the topic. He explains how ideas for hybrid vehicles have been around for decades and describes the progression of each of the major types of electric vehicles. Carmichael also details the reasons why electric vehicles have finally become popular in the modern world, which includes the fact that major brands are adopting them. Finally, he elucidates, in a quite straightforward manner, the science behind these cars: lithium batteries, fuel cells, and solar-electric systems. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the “cars of the future,” so to speak. 

Review by Ryan D.

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Published by on August 30, 2021
Last Modified May 19, 2022