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Left Out by Tim Green

Left Out by Tim Green is a realistic fiction novel about a new kid moving into a new school with cochlear implants. The kid’s name is Landon Dorch, he is in the seventh grade, and he is one of the tallest and biggest kids in his grade, so he joins the football team. However, the kids on the team make him feel unwanted because of his hearing problems. He also has little to no football knowledge and doesn’t play in the games. Then, he makes a surprising friend named Brett.

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Dork Diaries: Tales From A Not-So-Glam TV Star by Rachel Renée Russell

I would never be able to believe that Nikki got her own 📺 TV show!!!!!!!! Why does MacKenzie have to ruin it and rumors that Nikki and Brandon had broken up? Brandon is trying to get a scholarship and Nikki is always doing TV shows, so I guess it makes sense? The karate 🥋 teacher always eats during gym and I can't believe that Nikki knocks him out. Can this get any worse???????

Review by Eric D.

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Girls Like Us by Gail Giles

Girls Like Us by Gail Giles tells the story of two special education students who initially dislike each other. When their guidance counselor mandates that they stay together for the predictable future, they are not overjoyed. After all, they barely got along during their first encounter and it seems like they won’t get along in the future either. Soon, however, they see past their differences and into the persons they have really become. They realize that their situation is mutually advantageous: Biddy needs help as a Russian immigrant and Quincy has her own secret to hide.

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Holes, by Louis Sachar

This novel is a great read. Its a great book that will keep you wondering what will happen to young Stanley Yelnats. Full of friendships, mystery, treasure, and more. I highly recommend this novel for young teen readers. After reading you can also watch the movie that corresponds with the novel. I think that the characters in this book are great role models in all different ways. They each represent a different struggle they have been through and how that has shaped their personality. 

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We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart

We Were Liars is an amazing fictional story written by E. Lockhart. The book takes place in Massachusetts with the main protagonist who is a seventeen-year-old teenage girl. Her grandfather owns a private island where her whole extended family always spends the summers away from everything. Cadence has been going there since she was a little kid and has a very close bond with three others there. She even ends up falling in love with a friend of her cousin who recently started going there with her.

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Just Like That by Gary D. Schmidt

Meryl Lee has gone through tremendous life changes. Her friend dies and she suffers a personal loss. Then, she has a school chance and goes to a private school. Starting was hard. Making friends and meeting teachers was a nervous moment. She has new activities like afternoon tea and biscuits. After that, she has new friends and she meets Matt, the nicest person. Will her story ever be claustrophobic again?

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